you're morally obligated to be gay on the computer otherwise alan turing died for nothing

You've heard of "I don't want your fucking app."

Now get ready for "I don't want to join your fucking Discord server just to get basic information that should be on a proper website instead of hidden away in the archives of a fucking chatroom."

the "danger of a filter bubble" is that you might, through tremendous effort, construct a useful, readable and enjoyable incoming flow without turds bobbling in it

this idea is strongly objected to by the turds

We often talk about how keeping gender dysphoria in the DSM helps maintain insurance coverage, but it also opens up arguments against access to gender-affirming care. Here, Arkansas’ ban is being defended on account that being trans is in the DSM.

This story from NYTimes shares how OnX - an app used for hunting - has exposed public land "islands" that are surrounded by private property.


Interesting story, but after downloading OnX myself, I was more struck by how it makes landownership so visible everywhere - including my neighborhood!

This is all public info... but I was surprised by the way its ease-of-access made me feel like I was infringing on other folks' privacy. 🤔

He sees you when you're sleeping,
He knows when you're awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good
He's a one-man surveillance state

#SurveillanceState #Santa

we are informed that is interviewing @yoyoel tomorrow. i hope she asks him about trying to explain the history of slurs to a trans woman, what he thinks about elon musk revoking the platform rules on transphobia, and about the blood on his hands.

but because she's a cis woman journalist, we do not expect any of this to come up. instead we are going to get the most milquetoast queerwashing glad-handing garbage.

i really want to figure out diy hormone level testing. if anyone has spent some time working on this, or is in a position to help please don't hesitate to reply or dm me. i'd really like to hear from a technician that has processed blood and/or spit tests. please boost to increase reach on this even if you can't help directly <3 #trans #diy #hrt

I am glad to have mastodon as an option but I’m pretty concerned what Twitter is going to be used for.

The founder of Post said today that the company is explicitly *not* focused on accessibility. Disappointing to read something like this in 2022
#tech #technology #Disability #twitter #postnews #twittermigration

In a line with the kind of work I'm doing in my general research, which I engage most deeply in my dissertation— which I talking more about below— here's a start at something I've been thinking about lately:

Alison Kafer (, Joshua Earle (, Jillian Weise ( , Ashley Shew (, and others (myself included; see below) have talked a lot about how the cultural imaginary of "the cyborg" should never have been disconnected from the history of disability and how while Haraway's work did a lot of very important things, it still could have benefited from a more careful engagement with the real live people today who live entangled lives with technology. As I've often said, the foundational myth of the cyborg is a story about space disabling us all, and one about the process of adaptation to an environment which fundamentally wants to do us harm, and we've talked about the fact that the stories we use to orient ourselves future pick up this thread, as well.

Some have talked about the idea of reading the history of Disability and Technology as stretching back to even the mythcycle of Hephaestus, the artificer of the Greek Gods who was, himself, an amputee, either causing or as a result of his being cast from Olympus, as it is variously told. Hephaestus' birth was the result of an asexual reproductive revenge plot by Hera; Zeus then birthed Athena from his own head after a tryst with Okeanos in retaliation. Two children born of the same fight being the gods of artistry, craft, craftiness, and technological knowledge is interesting in and of itself, but that's another conversation. This one is about how in some versions of Hephaestus' story, he was kicked out of Olympus by Zeus for trying to free her after Zeus locked her up after she tried to kill Herakles, and this casting down caused him to become injured to the point of needing to amputate his hand and boot. But in other tellings, he was cast out ***because*** his hand and foot were injured.

That is, in many versions of the story, Hephaestus was kicked out of heaven ***Because He Was Disabled***.

And then, after that— when he had learned secrets of magic and honed his artificer's knowledge and created a whole new area of skill and technology— ***then*** he was found favourable in the gods' sight and brought back in to design them weapons and armour and tools and fancy toys. When the disabled god was found to have special knowledge— was found to have developed special knowledge so that he could adapt to a world that actively hated and punished him for being disabled— and when that special knowledge was considered useful to the other gods, ***then*** he was allowed to come back around. And it is notable that in some versions of the Hephaestus mythcycle, his response to this realization is a giant "Fuck You" and a determination to stay in his workshop forge; y'know, the place that he would have set up and adjusted exactly how he wanted and needed it in order to do the work that he loved.

Tables the right height, benches the right length, tools in exactly the proper relational arrangement to be optimally useful to his needs? Yeah. And let's not forget, helpers he designed specifically to facilitate and complete the work.

I've talked about the Greek myth of Hephaestus and his automata as one of the foundational stories of "artificial intelligence" and "robotics," before; I bring it up in some talks and I've written about it a little online, to show that the history of "AI" has always been bound up in our myths and magic and our fuzzy-bordered ideas of creating minds that we then treat as servants. But something that hit me this week, and which you can probably see coming now, in light of the above, is that the story of Hephaestus clearly demonstrates that the historical and foundational myths of "AI" have their roots in disability and assistive technology.

The automata were all crafted either as gifts for gods or royalty, or explicitly as helpers for Hephaestus himself, and were said to feel human emotions. This being the case, there's something of an important tension in thinking through both the liberatory and oppressive aspects of what the automata were and were for, in terms of both facilitating Hephaestus' adaptation and accessibility, but also being rendered as enslaved minds within a slaveholding culture.

Again: The founding stories we have told ourselves about automated systems and created nonhuman minds are entangled stories about treating minds as mere tools, and of disabled and otherwise marginalized people's lived experiential knowledge being devalued until it's useful to non-disabled, privileged people. So if it's surprising that we should find those confused and disappointing threads in our contemporary discussions on the topic of "artificial intelligence," then it is only so because at over 2800 years later, you'd think we'd've had time to learn better.

(this is a segment from my newsletter, and if you want to read more of it, it's here:

@emilymbender such worries are always about real people in the end (not digital fantasy people in a Dyson sphere of computronium), even for fiction writers

As you know, even the coining of the phrase "robot" comes from Karl Čapek's R.U.R., a transparent pastiche of concerns about the relationships among labor, capital, and liberty.

In particular, he chose the word because it meant "forced laborer"

So, in my house, I've had this iPhone from 1998 for a while. It makes and receives phone calls fine, but it's an internet appliance! That is, it's something the phone company would rent to you if you wanted to go online, check emails, and such, but didn't want to deal with a full-blown computer.

I'm gonna see if I can get it online. It wants to do dial-up, so I'm gonna set up this old raspberry pi and see if turning it into a dial-up server is enough.

Notable that Marc Andreessen backed Elon’s Twitter takeover and is now also backing, Twitter’s main competitor outside Mastodon. Once again, you think you’re given a choice but the rich get richer either path you take!
#technology #tech #twitter #elon #musk #twittermigration

phone nerd stuff 

just bought this patch to go on my m-65 jacket and it goes hard as hell

i might have my criticisms of mastodon, but the founder of post is out here pretending “net worth” is a protected category to signal you can’t make fun of billionaires on his a16z-funded twitter alternative

twitter has, in fact, not been especially productive as an organizing tool. I get that the fascist takeover is pretty blatant and maybe the capitalists believe that to be the case (in which case, good, let them be wrong) but it just hasn’t.

idk what to tell you about 'webp' other than it's a proprietary image format that's being sold to you as open by google, and open source nerds are goddamn rubes because if microsoft did this in the 90s you would all have exploded

oss devs will rename "toot" to "publish" to avoid alluding to farting but won't rename gnu imp to not be a slur

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